A Short Letter to Caitlyn Jenner

Hey Caitlyn Jenner,
I see that you want to “help” the GOP understand LGBTQ issues. Good on you.
But here’s the deal- The GOP has been on Planet Earth for the duration of the LGBTQ struggle in modern times. They have had access to the same information as the rest of us, And they have at nearly every turn ignored that information. Ronald Regan saw the AIDS crisis in the 1980s but decided not to mention it. Conversion therapy has been completely disproven again and again yet Mike Pence, a heartbeat away from the presidency, ignores that fact and clings to it. The GOP was decidedly against marriage equality even though it’s a civil partnership, a civil matter, and even though it has nothing to do with religion, they held it up as a firebrand to ignite their base using biblical references hoping for political victories. Congress is preparing a “defense of the First Amendment Act” which givies people a pass if people want to discriminate against anyone including the LGBTQ community and claim “deeply held religous beliefs.” Nothing could go wrong with that, right? Come on. They already know how that plays out. Government-sanctioned discrimination based on religion- unconstitutional at best and purposely politically divisive is wrong and yet they will use it. They know what they are doing. It helps their party.
You said you supported Trump in the election. Trump. You knew who his backers were and what they should for. This rollback of transgender rights should not come as a surprise to you. Trump is always going to do what his background voices say. For profit prisons even though they are disastrous? Check. Get rid of regualtions and safety guards in order to bump up profits? Check. Take away healthcare for the masses instead of trying to fix what we have for the sake of money? Check. Appeal to the basest instinctincts of humanity by pleasing people they have misinformed? Check.
The GOP is never going to try to understand LGBTQ issues because they already do. They use us as a political, football live on hate, diviseness, and revenge. They are greedy, misogynistic and don’t want a better world because they want the world to fit their visions of cruelty and retribution. Their ideas are based in a puritanical ideology, one that punishes people for skewing from the norm. So when you try to convince them of their mistakes, just understand that they already know, and they do not care. And putting civil rights into the hands of the states does not work. Jim Crow laws, for instance, diminished our country. Since the Southern Strategy of Nixon in the 1960s switch the philosophies of both parties and the voting base also changed, it is no longer accurate to claim that Democrats are the prejudiced ones. The GOP has earned that title through and through.
Just thought you’d like to know since you professed support for Trump in the election and see this evil turn the “conservative” movement has taken.
Good luck,
Someone who has lived through the fear and hatred and refuses to sit down, shut up, and take it. Again.

2 thoughts on “A Short Letter to Caitlyn Jenner

  1. You might want to look beyond your oikophobic echo chamber and see the greater bulk of the American people. The majority, varying from mild to vast depending upon each individual issue, don’t agree with you.

    You might want to think which is wiser and better for the greater good of the nation: punishing people for skewing from the norm or punishing people for skewing NOT from the norm. Then, your side has been surviving and thriving on hate, diviseness, and revenge for decades now, so I don’t expect to see a voluntary change.

    • Thanks! I enjoy a healthy debate, and I think it is a good thing that we all air our feelings and differences so we can solve them. And I sincerely believe that. So here’s my response to your statement.

      The “greater bulk” of the American people disapprove of today’s cruel and authoritarian GOP. Trump, for instance, did not win the popular vote. Hillary Clinton did, and it hurts Trump’s fragile ego to be wrong so he makes declarations otherwise. He must think that if he repeats it often enough people will perceive it as truth. He cannot “let go” of the election. He won, and yet he is still the one who should get over it. Ironic.

      Secondly, as far as the progressives having “decades” of hatred behind them, any (truthful) student of politics can show you the history of Nixon’s Southern Strategy. You may deny it, but you would be denying actual fact. If that wasn’t hateful… well, it was hateful and I cannot fathom how anyone with a critical eye can say otherwise.

      Ronald Regan failing the Gay community in the 1980’s is also documented. Despite thousands of people dying from AIDS, he failed to even acknowledge the problem until very late in his presidency. Why? I say hatred and political expediency because other explanations do not make common sense.

      Bush 41 had a campaign manager named Lee Atwater who was a master at whisper campaigns and negative campaigning. I knew Lee personally as I am originally from South Carolina. When I saw him in Columbia he always had that “brick” cell phone mashed against his ear working on political campaigns. He was extremely energetic and always working. He’s dead now, and I am not speaking ill of him, but the Willie Horton idea was his. That was a hate-filled campaign, and even he recognized it, having a deathbed conversion and regretting how he had lowered the discourse. I liked Lee, but his methods were heinous.

      As far as trans rights go, the GOP has always gotten it wrong. They stirred up hate and revulsion with the bathroom bill campaigns to paint trans people with a broad brush. They demonized trans people, held up untenable situations as the “norm” all the while ignoring the fact that people just want to pee without having a hassle in the loo. A girl who identifies as a boy and dressed as a boy using the boy’s bathroom is not in there to gawk at other boys. He is in there for common biological functions. If he went into a girl’s bathroom, there would be an uproar.

      Here’s an example. In the early 1980’s I had a lesbian friend. You could describe her as very masculine-looking facially, and she wore baggy tee shirts, jeans and sneakers. She was skinny, was flat-chested, had short hair, and wore no makeup. She also had a peppering of acne across her face. She did not look like a girl. She looked like a teenage boy even though she did not identify as trans but CIS. We went to the movies and she went to the restroom. She chose the women’s room. When she walked in, there were shrieks of horror and management came running. She was kicked out of the women’s room for “being a boy.” She was livid, embarrassed, and deeply hurt. She only went in there to piss, nothing more, not to get humiliated. I jumped in to the argument to defend my friend. The manager was rabid. He kept insisting she was a boy and was going to throw both of us out of the theater even though neither of us had instigated a thing. Finally Renee had enough and showed him her parts. It had gotten to that point solely from his instigation and from a gaggle of women who refused Renee’s simple response in the bathroom that she was indeed female. The manager kept bringing up God, and sin, and how it was sick for a woman to pretend to be a man after he was literally shown that Renee was a woman. We were thrown out of the theater and refused a ticket refund. Fast forward to today where the GOP is spreading falsehoods about trans people, bringing religion into the mix, and riling up the conservative base for political gain. There is nothing right about the situation, and the GOP’s lying ways merely makes it worse.

      Look, individually some conservatives may be good people only with bad ideas. They may not support 100% of the platform of hate and oppression that the Republicans have built. But they vote for it because their leadership doesn’t give them much of a choice. They elected the most divisive president to date, and one who is rapidly falling in approvals. This president denigrates the press for reporting anything he perceives as negative even though a greater man would ignore it. He whines and pontificates so much on the subject for a reason- to get the party to mistrust the media and to trust ONLY him and his sources. His minions keep up his agenda with “alternative facts” which we all know by now is just another way to say lies. He packed his cabinet with people who hold extreme ideas, and his closest advisor is Steve Bannon, former editor of the alt-right (read white supremacist) “news” site. If you look at Bannon’s history, he states that he wants the American system to fail so he can rebuild it the way he likes. He used hatred and prejudice on Breitbart to pursue that agenda. And that’s what the GOP has presented us today, a path of hatred, coarseness, and prejudiced even to the point where they want to make discrimination a First Amendment right. We’ve already had something similar to that and it was called Jim Crow. That’s the kind of thing you get when you leave issues like equal rights and non-discrimination up to “states’ rights.” You get chaos across the country, a rise in hate crimes, and empowered fringe groups who don’t like anyone. That’s what you get in the GOP right now. They need to change their hateful ways or they are going to be the most irrelevant and disliked political party in recent history. Hyperbole? Yes, but is also the truth.

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