Is Your God Supposed To Be The One Everyone Worships?

Since God is everywhere, why do so many people think that He can be taken out of some places? I wonder which god some people suggest we put back into government. An Abrahamic god? That covers Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. But what about a Hindu deity? Ganesh is super cool, and he has an elephant head. What about a goddess like Wiccans honor? Or maybe we can go far back to Odin. I mean you talk about wow factor, Odin’s got it.

Look folks, God and religion are not the same thing. As long as you have your faith, whatever that faith may be, God as you know Him (or Her) is always with you. Taking religious practices out of government allows everyone to participate in the process. If we started letting one religion and their practices in our government just where do we stop?

You can pray anywhere. You can silently do it sitting in school, sitting in a court, or even sitting in the driver’s seat of a police car. But when you start making a big show out of practicing your religion like praying on your knees in algebra class, or proselytizing in a town hall meeting, that’s where you have stopped taking God everywhere and started in on your personal practices.

Religious freedom, like freedom of speech, has some limitations to it. When your religious practices and views interfere with governmental procedure or infringe on someone’ else’s civil rights, you are not lawfully using your freedom. But it always seems to be a certain group of people that want to interject their faith’s practices into our civil government. It just seems to be a sector of people that are not thoughtful or pragmatic or even that moral about their practices. They would desire to force everyone to do things their way. And that’s just NOT THE WAY GOD IS SUPPOSED TO WORK. If you are made to practice a faith either by force or de facto through laws that do not separate church and state, that is not spreading God, but it is spreading human desire to be the only religion around. And that’s not religious freedom. It’s a theocracy.


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