Just a little political thought to Mike Huckabee from H.R. Christian

Dear Mike Huckabee,

I hear you’re upset that today’s GOP hasn’t yet condemned the Supreme Court’s decision to reject appeals on gay marriage, thus clearing the way for it to happen all over the country. You call it “judicial activism” without a hint of hypocrisy even though you should know about checks and balances, and the tyranny of the majority, since you were a governor and a presidential candidate. You’re probably setting yourself up for another run in 2016. You’re an ambitious man.

First of all, as a former minister, did you ever counsel a divorced person? Did your church have a singles class filled with 30 and 40 something divorced people? Have you ever been led in worship by a woman or had one speak in church? Why was that? There are far more scriptural admonitions against divorce and women leaders in worship than there are against gay people. Surely you aren’t using Leviticus as a weapon against gay marriage, because if you do, and you have enjoyed a shrimp dinner (and it looks like you’ve enjoyed lots of dinners), you too are in violation of Leviticus. If you use the New Testament as your base, whatever happened to keeping civil government and God in separate realms, or have you never seen anyone interpret Mark 12:17 to mean that? Are you not aware that civil marriage is something for the government and not churches? Sure churches can perform religious and civil marriages at the same time, but not one church anywhere will be forced to perform a marriage they don’t believe in. Have you not seen other churches, other people of faith grow in their understanding of the word of God and accept gay people and marriage equality into their belief system? I wonder why they did that when they are reading the same words from the same Bible as you.

I see you are threatening to leave the GOP over this. You’re promising the moral equivalent of holding your breath until you get your way. I get it. You don’t like change, but change happens. One hundred fifty years ago, people were using scripture to validate owning slaves. Seventy years ago people were using scripture to shame divorced people, condemn bi-racial marriage, and to segregate some human beings from other human beings. Yet America changed, and scriptural interpretation changed. And if you chose to believe in fundamentalism, their mistaken belief God’s word never changes, and that homosexuals are unnatural, that is within your rights. But don’t proclaim your fundamentalist beliefs should be the basis of a civil agreement.

If you want to see unnatural, watch a gay man try to emulate a heterosexual attraction. See what a painful failure most of those “pray the gay away” therapies have been and how miserable it has made many men and women. Look at the persecution your fundamentalist cohorts have subjected on people that they don’t like, shouting vile statements from pulpits, and even murdering them. That’s the unnatural act, and it comes from your side. Legitimizing a civil contract to extend to two adults is not unnatural, but your hubris in applying your faith to all Americans is. Whereas a great deal of Americans are Christians, we are not a Christian nation. We are a nation where we respect all religions, all paths of spirituality by not requiring or favoring one religion over another. If tomorrow everyone but you suddenly decided to adopt another faith, just for the sake of discussion, say shamanism, would you still call America a Christian country or would you just say America is a nation where we are free to chose our religion, and we keep it separate from our government?

So go ahead Mike, leave the GOP and drag others with you. You’re right on one thing, the GOP would be so split because of people like you and your misplaced value system that they would never win another election, maybe ever. Radical conservatism in any place is never a good thing. Theocracies result from things like that. You know another place that has a theocracy? Iran. You know any other historical event where a fundamentalist theocracy was used to make its citizens miserable? Ever heard of the Spanish Inquisition? Nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition.

H.R. Christian


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