New book started!

Today I started the third book in my Gullah trilogy. It’s titled The Root Doctor and takes up two years after the second book, The Boo Hag ended. All the same characters are there as Dani begins her university journey at NYU. New characters include Auntie Kimberly- a wise botanica owner in Morningside Heights, an area of Manhattan, Queen Betrice- a root doctor from Beaufort, South Carolina, and even a love interest for Dani.More on that later!

I hope to get representation to get the series published soon so that you all can enjoy the series as much as I have enjoyed writing it. It is something that has been inside my head for many years, and I think you’ll be surprised by the stories.

As always, thanks for your support of my blog, and keep the positive energy flowing that you will soon be able to read my novels!

*Tenki Tenki!

H.R. Christian

*Tenki is Gullah for Thank YOU!!


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