On Language

I am an avid fan of popular language. It’s no big deal for me to read LOL or some other abbreviation, emoticon, or startlingly opposite word choice (bad as good, ill as excellent) in anything from fiction to blogs to the New Yorker. I feel that if language doesn’t change to reflect the times and the communications between people, it becomes a stale instrument, bland and only utilitarian. These bumps and curves in the lineage of English, the slang and the profane, they are necessary to the evolution of how people speak. Grammarians may disagree with me- I’m trained no further than a hard-fought bachelors degree in English from a mediocre southern university. In any case, a doctoral candidate in grammar once told me that as long as the idea was communicated effectively to the intended reader(s), it’s grammar-schmammar.


Peppering my emails, texts, tweets, and Facebook with yo dude and word  may not be the best illustration of my command of language, but truthfully it’s what I do. Not everything in life comes with Pulitzer Prize prose, nor should people expect to see that caliber of writing in anyone’s daily communications. I hate receiving a response to an email where the replier corrects my grammar. This is probably a reaction to Betty June’s habit of correcting peoples’ spoken grammar, only with the same set of “clever” phrases she overused for everyone. Ain’t ain’t a word. I don’t know if you can or not but you may.  Maddening, really. Probably why I’m a horrible neurotic mess today, but that’s best left up to discussion with my therapist.

The other day I searched #fuck in Twitter, you know, just to see what people were up to. 140 characters and people write the damnedest things. Best one: #fuck those buff herculoid n****s in the gym who be gruntin like wildabeasts n shit. 

Now that’s communication.


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