De Plat Eye- Part Two of the Plat Eye series

Me be de Plat Eye. Me be live right in de salt marsh where be me pool. De ones with tasty skin call me home Pawley’s Island. Oh me be happy and hungry. Live long time in de Pawley’s Island. Right off de pines by de edge of de tide below de bank in de cool dank me lives and me eats. Errant childrens be me staples and oh so sweet. Me listen long and hear many nanny-maid warn de bad ones, tell about Plat Eye. Dey warn, and de bad  me find. Me catch, me slice de skins with me long teethes and me sup sup  all gone bad ones in me belly bone. 

And me favorite; me favorite be good childrens. Beautiful good childrens. Me play. Me sing like kitten cat; me mew mew. Beautiful good childrens dey hear, dey see me be kitten cat. Oh me de clever Plat Eye. Me be old and de childrens young dey be. 

Here kitten cat, dey say. Me mew mew; dey comes closer. Me grab and run and sup sup all gone good ones in me belly bone.

Me see beautiful skin boy. He play play near de human box. He no stray. Good boy be he. He nanny-maid tell he good. She tell he, Plat Eye hunt bad childrens. She tell marsh be bad place for good childrens. Right she be. Me laugh.

De blue dey paint de holes in de box. To me keep away. Go away Plat Eye. Silly paint. Me no go in boxes. Old and wise and know some tricks dat be me.

Happy hungry me hunt near midnight. De ocean she rolls so hide me sound. Me mew mew on de porch. Beautiful skin boy he hear. Oh he come. Closer, closer come here he! No closer? No reach! Beautiful skin boy he go away. Me sad hungry. 

Boy he me return and me so happy. Boy he got doggy doggy, to me trow. He say pretty words. Like song. He me tell, come come me give you de food.

De doggy doggy tasty. De boy me feed. Good sup sup. Like de boy. Happy hungry, me be getting fat. Food much all time. Kitten cat here doggy doggy dere. Me content me happy hunt squirrel in de pine woods. Jumpy me fun fun. Catch de squirrel and me kill, no eat. Beautiful skin boy come he much. Fat Pet Plat Eye, me he call. Fat Pet Plat Eye. 

Oh beautiful skin boy look tasty tasty. Need me some good childrens skin. Me tink me know wise way me catch boy den me sup sup all gone. Doggy doggy long and low me find. Me take me home in de dank me sup sup dere. Save doggy end, and in me fangs go doggy end. Me play like dead from eating me doggy end.

De boy come come me find and song sing he, Oh Poor Plat Eye! De dog he no eat eat. Choke Plat Eye; Dead Plat Eye. 

But me play. Closer closer here come de beautiful skin. Closer closer.


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